Sunday, May 29, 2016

Poop, notably

Notice some slant rhyme and some sexual...uhhhh...stuff....

Notably poop stained...bru-uh-uh-uh-UH-O!
got brown on your
downtown frown
no wedding gown
for you, clown

get off ya anus
it be leakin'
no more buttsex
time for freakin'

put it up
up in your a-hole
mouth, juggle nuts
b-town south.

get ridda you
shitta you
too much taint
lick ass till ya ghost faint.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ghost bitch

Ghost bitch
yeah, you leave
without sayin' shit
block my number,


I ghost bitch bitches
too, because slammin'
dat puss don't mean
love -- always

If I eat your butt
and you eat mine
that's mighty fine
if it taste good

Don't leave me be
ghost bitches,
because I like them
stands del one night

righteous ghost bitch

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Dealing with cheese whiz

No I will not squirt
the easy cheeeeeez
on your buns

I kept my hair tips
frosted yellow
in the fuckin' 90's

I also frosted
your lips with
hot man jam

Fine. I'll squeeze
easy cheeeeeez on
your greezy B's.

Thursday, May 19, 2016



Is he, she, heshe dickable?
bruh -- it depends on the wave
if it's high tide and you don't mind
you gotta ooze out your blues and
check it, lick to taste the salty

Why Kraven? Why do you crave?
I crave salty skin and butt, but
I'll get filthy with some dickables
but only if they're lickables

I told all of you buttholes
I whispered to ye gooch
pumpin' -not holes- but
human pouches, right
butthole be a butt pouch.

Ya dig?

Clap with your feet

Clap with your feet

I did it.
I put my hand down
on my board
my feet out in front

My palms support me,
the fuggin' guy, me...
While my feet
clap, louder than golf

Have you done this?
No, but I have
so you can
suck my balls

Rabid Dog

Rabid dog
he dropped a log
and the flies
they came
to feast

Rabid dog
left home
after master
fed the geese

Rabid dog
he stumbled
like a lurching

Rabid dog
he smoked
the bong
and now he's
feeling, good

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Eating booty poem

Eating booty

I wish my mouth was an ass
the brown ghetto where the
saliva grotto should go
that way if I eat ass
it's just ass-ta-ass

Don't eat "stanky" booty
they say
you'll get sick
E-coli and shit

I say, "brah...I'll run that risk"
on the waves of booty hole
booty hole all I know
The tongue is meat
in booty sandwich