Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 1 bra

Whats up bro and broets. My name is Kraven Waves. My working stiff parents gave me a bogus real name, but I kicked it to the curb like surf wax that isn't Mr. Zogs.
I write gnar poems about my tubular lifestyle and I want the tubular world to know how incredibly rad of a dude I am. I write like in the library and like after a good day of wave shrap.  I also get pretty stinky on that long board, so you're gonna re-live me through my words and my art.

I'll post like one a day of something, so keep coming back everyday so you can enlighten the world with my  speak speak!

Broem #1

I like waves
bros can be jealous
Kraven Waves is not
Kraven Waves wants
one thing
bet you can tell by the name

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